Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The health benefits of rollerblading

Once when I was younger, I spent an entire summer where I rollerbladed for miles every day to meet up and chill with my friends.

Come the Fall, when soccer season was starting, I noticed for the first time that I could run for hours without getting winded. Rollerblading frequently got me in shape, and it was so fun I didn't even notice!

Rollerblading does so much for you, both in terms of muscle tone and aerobic benefits. Exercise and strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure, and relieve stress by getting out there and cruising the streets of your home town!

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Tricia said...

Thanks for your dedication. I am an active inline skater. It must be made clear though, that "rollerblade" is merely a brand name. "Inline skating" is an activity.