Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Cold Weather Blading

The weather is definitely getting a lot colder as winter approaches, but for many, the snow has held off and the roads are still clean and dry.

As long as the roadways in your area haven't been salted or sanded, you're good to go when it comes to winter rollerblading!

The key for comfort during the colder months is dressing in layers, with a windbreaker shell, much like you would while hiking. The reason for this is that you will block the cold winds, while at the same time being able to peel some of those layers off when you heat up.

Another good idea is to wear a bright orange winter hat, so as to keep your ears from freezing off and also to be more visible to hunters and motorists. Bears and deer don't rollerblade, but some hunters will shoot at anything that moves and isn't flourescent orange, so be careful.

Lastly, and perhaps most controversially, I would recommend wearing a pair of ski goggles while winter blading. The conditions are very similar to those you'd find while snowboarding or skiing, and you don't wanna be blinded by the cold winds blasting your eyes. You might look ridiculous, but you're gonna have a great time doing it!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The health benefits of rollerblading

Once when I was younger, I spent an entire summer where I rollerbladed for miles every day to meet up and chill with my friends.

Come the Fall, when soccer season was starting, I noticed for the first time that I could run for hours without getting winded. Rollerblading frequently got me in shape, and it was so fun I didn't even notice!

Rollerblading does so much for you, both in terms of muscle tone and aerobic benefits. Exercise and strengthen your heart, lower your blood pressure, and relieve stress by getting out there and cruising the streets of your home town!

What kind of a blader are you?

Do you rollerblade the country roads, through miles and miles of forest and solitude? Are you a cruiser of the suburban streets, or do you rock the streets of a major city, from your apartment to your job?

The kind of blading you do most often says a lot about your situation, for sure. But the kind of blading you PREFER to do says a lot about who you are.

I, for one, live in the country, and love rollerblading down roads that go through open fields and miles of forest.

However, there's nothing like the thrill of cruising the streets and sidewalks of a big city like Boston or New York.

So what kind of rollerblader are you?

Rollerblade Spiritblade

I recently took the Rollerblade Spiritblade for a test run, and man was I impressed.

For a less expensive brand of rollerblades, or even for a pricier kind, these are a great pair of skates.

The boot is extremely soft and comfortable, with mesh vents toward the front to aerate your feet and keep them cool and dry. Even after hours of blading, your feet are gonna stay comfortable and pain-free, thanks to the generous padding of the boot.

This is a pair of rollerblades that have to to seen to be believed. They're well worth the 100 dollar price tag, and then some!

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